Asheville Zombiewalk

AZW 2016

We’re coming to get you, Asheville!

The Asheville Zombiewalk IS WALKING downtown in 2016.

AZW_Teaser 2016

2016 Asheville ZombieWALK!

Date: Sunday, October 9, 2016

Time: 5:30 pm

Starting Point: Aston Park, then walking 10-12 blocks through downtown


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Click here to volunteer.


What to Do:

1918515_104861169524572_5309434_nDress Up!

We want to see you in all your zombie glory! Come in a costume that showcases your creativity. Zombie bride and groom, zombie Kardashian, zombie park ranger—bring it on!

Bring the Zombie Family!

The Asheville Zombiewalk has always been and is committed to remaining a family-friendly event. Bring out the zombie kids!

Shamble On!

The Zombiewalk will only last as long as it takes to shuffle through town, but it is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Asheville. We encourage you to shamble on (safely and responsibly) from the Walk to your favorite bars. Valid ID required for admission into all participating locations serving alcohol!

Go to the Afterparty!

Are you looking for a family-friendly after event for after the Zombiewalk that does not include a downtown bar? If so, come to the Byrish Haus & Pub (formerly the Patton Public House) from 7:00–11:00pm! They have a large fenced back patio where there will be food, a bar, and live Halloween music, as well as fun games and contests. Bring towels for picnic-style event seating as there are limited benches outside. Come in costume for a chance to win valuable prizes in the contests! Fun for the whole family.

Address: 1341 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC

Phone: (828) 505-8707


Asheville Zombiewalk Good Practices

    1. Be safe. Stay on the sidewalks and follow the rules of traffic when shambling across the street. The AZW does not condone drunk or disorderly conduct, or drunk driving: Find a DD Zombie before you go out!
    2. Be responsible. We intend to leave downtown as clean and limb-free as it was when we arrived. Please help by picking up after yourself before you shuffle on at the end of the night.
    3. Be respectful. During the Zombiewalk and afterward when invading downtown, be respectful of those who are not participating. DO NOT approach anyone who is not in zombie gear unless they indicate that they wish to be approached.
    4. Be courteous. Respect waitstaff and the rules of each business/bar you enter. The AZW is not responsible for the actions of zombies in the street, or in private establishments. Inappropriate actions will be handled by private security at each location, at their discretion.



We just love this one. An actual bride and groom on their big day.

We just love this one. An actual bride and groom on their big day. (2014)