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Zombie Etiquette Reminders for the Newly Undead

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316220_297136123630408_473495764_nThe 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk is sure to be fun for all ages and stages of the undead! We can’t wait to see you on October 12 in downtown Asheville.

Making your way through the world of the living ain’t easy for zombies these days. It’s our first year at this location, and we want to make a ghoulishly great impression. Here are some quick reminders before you arrive.

Do: Obey the rules and laws of the city, safety, and common sense. We do not need injuries or arrests during our zombie swarm.

Do not: Test fate. Drivers consider running over a zombie to be worth 10 points.

Do not: Come to fight. If you want to fight, stay home and roughhouse with your dogs and roommates. We are a tribe of peaceful flesh-eaters.

Do: Come to party, laugh, roar, and have a good time.

Do: Bring your kids. The living dead know how to have family fun.

Do not: Terrorize young children and strangers. Unless they’re into it, in which case go right ahead.

Do: Scream, growl, and scowl at the onlookers. It’s like a zombie zoo to them – they want to see you in your native habitat acting “naturally.”

Do: Recognize that not everyone gets a kick out of zombie swarms. If people aren’t into it, leave them alone.

Do not: Vandalize anything, leave blood marks on windows, cars, parking lots, or innocent passers-by.

Do: Patronize the bars and shops downtown, especially those listed as “zombie friendly” participating locations for this year’s event.

Do not: Forget your ID. Even the living dead will be carded for beer.


Author: ashevillezombiewalk

Bringing community fun in the form of a free, family event dripping with fake blood and shambling, since 2006.

One thought on “Zombie Etiquette Reminders for the Newly Undead

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