Asheville Zombiewalk

7 Things You Should Know about this Year’s Asheville Zombiewalk

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1)  The Asheville Zombiewalk, Sunday, October 12, at 5pm, is family-friendly. Dress up your children like the living dead and bring them along. Zombies will swarm the park, so grab your fun and games, a few blankets, a picnic basket full of BRAAAAAAAINS! and come enjoy the afternoon.

2)  Our homebase this year is Aston Park (336 Hilliard Avenue) near downtown Asheville. This is the first time our local zombies have gathered here. But we feel this is an excellent place with plenty of room to growl and shamble.

3)  This year’s theme is “Zombie Picnic”. Remember to bring your blankets, games, friends, and a basket of food, if you desire. There will be planned group activities as well. Or just hang out and take in the scenery.

4)  Bring your cameras and smart devices. You’ll want photos of all the rotting flesh. You may even want to take a few selfies while communing with the living dead. But, most of all, after our picnic in the park, you will want to use it to win prizes. There will be a scavenger hunt and the only way to play is with your smart device.

5)  Plan for parking. There isn’t much parking at Aston park, so think ahead. Carpool. You may have to park a few blocks away to make this work. But we believe in you. Just be there.

6)  Please visit our participating locations after the picnic. They are the local establishments who believe in this event and without them, this year’s walk would not be possible. (Valid ID required for all places serving alcohol.) This year’s locations include:

  • The Yacht Club, 87 Patton Ave, is having zombie themed drinks and drink specials.
  • Hi-Wire Brewing, 197 Hilliard Ave, will have a red rye called “The Walking Red” available all day for $3.

7)  Obey the rules! The law still applies, even to zombies. It is illegal to halt traffic and swarm unwilling participants. We all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but please don’t entangle yourself with law enforcement. It looks bad for all of us and future zombie events.

For more information, check out our website at or follow us on Facebook.


The Details:

What: Asheville Zombiewalk 2014

When: Sunday, October 12, at 5:00pm

Where: Aston Park, 336 Hilliard Avenue, downtown Asheville

Cost: Free


Author: ashevillezombiewalk

Bringing community fun in the form of a free, family event dripping with fake blood and shambling, since 2006.

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