Asheville Zombiewalk

Costume Contest and Parade

So you want to be an Asheville Zombie superstar? You want to strut your gruesome stuff on the big stage? You think you got what it takes to win against the best of the best Asheville Zombies?


Contestants must be 16 or over to be in the grown-up costume contest. If you are not yet 16, please sign up for our “Costume Parade.” The details for that are below.

Adult Costume Contest

Step one: Make the most awesomest costume you can.

Step two: Sign up for the costume contest below.

We are only accepting 25 contestants into the adult costume contest. Sign up before 5pm on Saturday, October 10. If you don’t think you can make it to the event at 5pm Sunday, October 11th at Pack Square Park in Asheville, NC, then please don’t sign up. Leave the spot for someone who can be there.

Step three: Wear you stellar costume to the Asheville Zombiewalk and listen for the costume contest call to come get in line.

Please Donate

There is no cost to participate in the Asheville Zombiewalk Costume Contest. But there are valuable prizes to be won and our free event does cost us a lot of money to put on. If you can find it within your non-beating zombie heart to throw us a couple bucks, we sure would appreciate it.


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Costume Requirements and Contest Rules

Our only costume requirement is that you dress as a zombie. Other than that, do your thing. Be creative. Be big. Be intelligent. Be frightening. Whatever. Go crazy. Just impress the judges.

Our celebrity judges will choose one winner and two runner-ups. These people will go home with valuable prizes and make the rest of us jealous.

About the Emcee

danielpicThis year’s costume contest emcee, Daniel Dockery, is a columnist for, and contributes regularly to Man Cave Daily and Silicon Exit. He considers George Romero’s Day of the Dead to be the best zombie movie ever, and will try any whiskey that you set in front of him.


About the Judges

The Asheville Zombiewalk is excited to welcome several celebrity judges for this year’s costume contest. Learn more about each of our judges here.

About the Prizes

Grand prizes and prizes for two runners up generously donated by the Costume Super Center.

Costume Super Center


If you’re 15 years of age or younger:

Children’s and Youth Costume Parade

Don’t panic. You will still have your moment in the spotlight! Be part of our Costume Parade. There are no prizes, but it’s still fun.

We are only accepting 100 contestants into the children’s and youth costume parade. Sign up before 5pm on Saturday, October 10.

This is for everyone from 0–15 years of age. Parents, if you need to carry your zombie babies, or wheel them across the stage in a buggy, that’s fine.

Please Donate

There are no prizes for the costume parade. Only claps and love from the audience. It’s completely free to be participate, but if you still want to show the Zombiewalk some love and throw us a few bucks, you’d make our day.


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Sign Up for the Costume Contest/Parade