Asheville Zombiewalk

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Congratulations to the 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk Scavenger Hunt Winners!

There was an awesome turnout at this year’s Asheville Zombiewalk in Aston Park! We loved seeing everyone from zombie kids to Zombie Jesus come out, shamble about, and revel in the season.

As part of this year’s festivities, we released our hoard of zombies upon downtown Asheville to engage in a photo scavenger hunt. Participants were asked to find a number of items on our scavenger hunt list, then email their batch to us.

We could not have anticipated the dozens of teams who participated and submitted their funny, quirky, spooky, and creative results! With such a great turnout, and so many great submissions to choose from, we were sure to look at each carefully in order to pick this year’s winners. In fact, after reviewing the results, we decided to add a few bonus winners to this year’s contest, and ran to the Halloween Superstore for more great prizes.

Without further hoo-doo, here are this year’s scavenger hunt winners:

Fastest Adult

Going zero to 60 in 4.5 brains. Awarded to the first single participant or team to successfully submit photos for 8+ of the 10 items listed.

WINNERS: Ashley Evans and Matt Everett

Fastest Adult

Fastest Family

The early zombie catches the brains. Awarded to the first family team to successfully submit photos for 6+ of the 10 items listed.

WINNERS: Angela Putnam, Bailey and Riley Justice, Crystal and Nevaeh Bradley, and Cristian Keuhn

Fastest Family

Most Creative Adult

Going above and beyond downtown in the name of the Zombiewalk. Awarded to one participant or team whose 8+ of the 10 photos best represent the spirit of the Asheville Zombiewalk.

WINNERS: Katelin Brittain, Justin Munday, and Ashley Arnold

Most Creative Adult

Most Creative Family

Zombies learn by example, and this mom sets a great example. Awarded to one family team whose 6+ of the 10 photos best represent the spirit of the Asheville Zombiewalk.

WINNERS: Enly, Koen, Orin, and Sabrina Sebren

Most Creative Family

Best Photo Overall

“What happens when you get married in Asheville.” Awarded to the zombie who convinced newlyweds to participate in the Asheville Zombiewalk scavenger hunt.

WINNERS: Melissa Ray and her spawn Lillian Ray

Best PHoto

Best Kid Photo

These kids could charm the brains right out of your head. Awarded to the zombie children who captured our brains and our hearts with their photos.

WINNERS: Nick and Mia Phairas

Best Kids


Prizes for each winning team were sponsored whole or in part by Asheville Blog – your source for all things “Asheville.”

As we said, we received a number of really great photo submissions. Stay tuned to the AZW blog for a highlight reel of our favorite spooky and funny photos.


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7 Things You Should Know about this Year’s Asheville Zombiewalk


1)  The Asheville Zombiewalk, Sunday, October 12, at 5pm, is family-friendly. Dress up your children like the living dead and bring them along. Zombies will swarm the park, so grab your fun and games, a few blankets, a picnic basket full of BRAAAAAAAINS! and come enjoy the afternoon.

2)  Our homebase this year is Aston Park (336 Hilliard Avenue) near downtown Asheville. This is the first time our local zombies have gathered here. But we feel this is an excellent place with plenty of room to growl and shamble.

3)  This year’s theme is “Zombie Picnic”. Remember to bring your blankets, games, friends, and a basket of food, if you desire. There will be planned group activities as well. Or just hang out and take in the scenery.

4)  Bring your cameras and smart devices. You’ll want photos of all the rotting flesh. You may even want to take a few selfies while communing with the living dead. But, most of all, after our picnic in the park, you will want to use it to win prizes. There will be a scavenger hunt and the only way to play is with your smart device.

5)  Plan for parking. There isn’t much parking at Aston park, so think ahead. Carpool. You may have to park a few blocks away to make this work. But we believe in you. Just be there.

6)  Please visit our participating locations after the picnic. They are the local establishments who believe in this event and without them, this year’s walk would not be possible. (Valid ID required for all places serving alcohol.) This year’s locations include:

  • The Yacht Club, 87 Patton Ave, is having zombie themed drinks and drink specials.
  • Hi-Wire Brewing, 197 Hilliard Ave, will have a red rye called “The Walking Red” available all day for $3.

7)  Obey the rules! The law still applies, even to zombies. It is illegal to halt traffic and swarm unwilling participants. We all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but please don’t entangle yourself with law enforcement. It looks bad for all of us and future zombie events.

For more information, check out our website at or follow us on Facebook.


The Details:

What: Asheville Zombiewalk 2014

When: Sunday, October 12, at 5:00pm

Where: Aston Park, 336 Hilliard Avenue, downtown Asheville

Cost: Free


Everything You Need to Know about the Zombiewalk Scavenger Hunt

The Asheville Zombiewalk is back this year with a picnic of apocalyptic proportions. In addition, the local undead have an opportunity to break free of the hoard and scavenge around town on their own – some for cool prizes!

Here’s what you need to know:

We’re kicking off a scavenger hunt at 6:00 PM!

Participants of the scavenger hunt portion of the evening will roam around town looking for a number of pre-specified items, and take photos of yourself with each item. Once you or your zombie team has found all the items on the list, you will email all the photos together in one batch to

Everyone has a fair shot to win!

The scavenger hunt items will not be released until 6:00 on October 12th, at the Zombiewalk. That means no one will have an opportunity to get a head start on the hunt before anyone else. The items and a map of downtown will be listed on the AZW website here for those who prefer to navigate by smart device. We will also have a limited number of paper copies available at the event.

There will be three ways to win!

There will be a kid-friendly scavenger list and an adult-friendly list, and winners of each category will receive an awesome prize package we are assembling from the items below. In addition, the Zombiewalk staff will pick a winner in the Most Creative category. This winner is not contingent upon how quickly you get your photos to us, but in how creative the photos are which are submitted.

There are some great prizes to win!

Local news site Asheville Blog is sponsoring this year’s prize packages. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to put together our three prize packages which include the items shown below.


We know what you’re thinking: “OMZ – those prizes look awesome!” We totally agree. That’s why we’re excited about this year’s scavenger hunt.

We hope to see you at this year’s AZW Picnic in the Park and look forward to the creative photos you send during the scavenger hunt. Until then, don’t forget to review our reminders about how to stay safe and have fun at the Zombiewalk.

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Zombie Etiquette Reminders for the Newly Undead

316220_297136123630408_473495764_nThe 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk is sure to be fun for all ages and stages of the undead! We can’t wait to see you on October 12 in downtown Asheville.

Making your way through the world of the living ain’t easy for zombies these days. It’s our first year at this location, and we want to make a ghoulishly great impression. Here are some quick reminders before you arrive.

Do: Obey the rules and laws of the city, safety, and common sense. We do not need injuries or arrests during our zombie swarm.

Do not: Test fate. Drivers consider running over a zombie to be worth 10 points.

Do not: Come to fight. If you want to fight, stay home and roughhouse with your dogs and roommates. We are a tribe of peaceful flesh-eaters.

Do: Come to party, laugh, roar, and have a good time.

Do: Bring your kids. The living dead know how to have family fun.

Do not: Terrorize young children and strangers. Unless they’re into it, in which case go right ahead.

Do: Scream, growl, and scowl at the onlookers. It’s like a zombie zoo to them – they want to see you in your native habitat acting “naturally.”

Do: Recognize that not everyone gets a kick out of zombie swarms. If people aren’t into it, leave them alone.

Do not: Vandalize anything, leave blood marks on windows, cars, parking lots, or innocent passers-by.

Do: Patronize the bars and shops downtown, especially those listed as “zombie friendly” participating locations for this year’s event.

Do not: Forget your ID. Even the living dead will be carded for beer.

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Announcing the Details for the 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk!

The 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk is almost upon us! We will be back downtown this year, and can’t wait to see you on October 12th.

AZW_Teaser 20142014 Asheville Zombiewalk Picnic

Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time: 5:00-7:00 PM

Location: Aston Park in Downtown Asheville

336 Hilliard Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

Cost: FREE!


What to Do:

Dress Up!

We want to see you in all your zombie glory! We will have several makeup artists on hand to help you put your face on, but we encourage you to come in a costume that showcases your creativity. Zombie bride and groom, zombie Justin Bieber, zombie park ranger – bring it on!

Bring the Zombie Family!

The Asheville Zombiewalk has always been and is committed to remaining a family-friendly event. There is a playground area, sandbox, and plenty of grass at this year’s site. Bring out the zombie kids!

Bring on the Fun!

Aston Park is a great area to bring a blanket and feast on your favorite limbs with friends and family. Or you could bring Frisbees, checkers, or just enjoy the late afternoon sun on your fetid flesh. Whatever you bring with you – make sure you are able to clean up after yourself before you leave!

Scavenge like a Zombie!

We’re kicking off a scavenger hunt at 6:00 PM! Roam around town looking for the items on the scavenger list, and send us photos of each item you check off the list. There will be a kid-friendly list and an adult-friendly list, and winners of each category will receive prizes.

Shamble on!

The Zombiewalk picnic only lasts from 5:00-7:00 PM, but it is conveniently located in downtown Asheville. We encourage you to shamble on (safely and responsibly) from the picnic to your favorite bars. Please patronize our sponsoring locations, but feel free to shuffle about at your own discretion. Valid ID required for admission into all participating locations serving alcohol!

Click here for a list of “zombie friendly” locations.


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Sponsorship Still Available for this Year’s Asheville Zombiewalk!


The Asheville Zombiewalk is excited to be coming back to downtown Asheville this year on October 12, 2014! The first zombiewalk began as an expression of appreciation for Asheville’s unique downtown atmosphere and city event scene. This year, we hope to continue our tradition by bringing people out on a Sunday evening to fill the city with the shambling undead.

However, being a zombie can be very expensive!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for this year’s Asheville Zombiewalk! Sponsors receive a variety of perks, including placement on our website and links from our social media accounts, which reach over 5,000 people. In addition, the boost in awesomeness you receive is priceless!

Currently, we are also looking for official participating locations for the event. These are places in and around town that are happy to host zombies. We encourage drink and food specials with cool zombie names, but the decision on how you participate is up to you. Participants will receive placement on our Zombiewalk map and website so our participants can find you easily – free of charge! Just let us know you’re interested in participating.

The AZW is also looking for in-kind sponsors for prizes, venue locations, and larger contributions.

ALL SPONSORSHIP MUST BE SOLIDIFIED BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 IN ORDER TO BE INCLUDED IN OUR PRINT MATERIALS. Sponsoring locations must agree to begin any special events or activities after 7:00 pm on Sunday, October 12.

Click here to read through our sponsorship levels and benefits on the AZW website. If you are interested in becoming an Asheville Zombiewalk sponsor, click here or contact us at to tell us about your level of interest.

We want to make a big comeback for our city, and to do that we need your support!

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10 Zombie Movies to Hold You Over Until the Asheville Zombiewalk

Already having trouble waiting for the fall’s most fetid event? We are too.

There are exactly 10 weeks left until the 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk. And we just happen to have 10 zombie films to recommend to you. Voodoo magic? Maybe.

In our opinion, the best zombie flicks have a little bit of laughter, a lot-a-bit of gore, and maybe even a tad of social commentary. Here are some movie suggestions to watch before you become the living dead on October 12 in downtown Asheville.

dead-snow-poster10)   Dead Snow – Yes. This movie is Norwegian. That means there are subtitles. And yes. It is a movie about teens becoming trapped in a ski lodge and fighting off the living dead. But did we mention the zombies from “Dead Snow” are leftover Nazis? If you thought regular zombies were mean, try watching the living dead who have sworn an allegiance to the Fuhrer.


Fido_(2006)9)   Fido – This movie was a total financial flop. And it’s Canadian. But it gives a fresh take on the old zombie tale by providing some “biting” social commentary via a 1950’s-esque landscape. There was a zombie apocalypse and the humans won. But in this alternative universe, sometimes the zombies are more humane than the humans.


re_animator_poster_018)   Re-Animator – A classic low-budget horror movie about a scientist who possesses the secret of life and death. If you cannot imagine a B-Movie actor more schmaltzy and over-the-top than Bruce Campbell, then this movie is for you. But be warned, this gory film is definitely not for the squeamish.


return_71177787f1c87e0f6a7)   Return of the Living Dead – This 1985 movie is full of 1980’s hair and fashion. For some, that’s a great thing. For others, we feel it’s best forgotten. This flick features a lot of bad and unknown actors fighting against re-animated corpses. But this means they act poorly and are very good at looking confused. That’s very fitting. If anything, this movie’s claim to fame is that it started the whole trend of zombies who moan for “BRAINS.”


33967294_700x700min_16)   Cockneys vs. Zombies – If any demographic can hold their own against the terrors of a zombie outbreak, it’s east London’s Cockney community. This 2012 film didn’t make a big splash on this side of the pond, but it’s definitely worth a watch. It has everything from a bank heist to giant illegal weapons stashes to our favorite zombie chase of all time.


shaun_of_the_dead_ver2_xlg5)   Shaun of the Dead – Usually, zombie movies and romantic comedies don’t go hand-in-hand. But this one pulls off the awkward amalgamation just fine. A bumbling store clerk loses his girlfriend and gets caught up in the zombie onslaught of his city. With help from his clueless roommate and pretentious friends, he attempts to save his loved ones from impending doom. If you haven’t seen this movie, get thee to the DVD rental store now. Your life is incomplete.


600full-28-days-later...-poster4)   28 Days Later – Some argue if this is really a zombie movie because the dead are not rising from the grave. There is an infection turning living people into zombies. Again, this movie demonstrates that sometimes, humans can be more vicious and malignant than the living dead. In America, it’s easy to kill zombies. Just grab the nearest shotgun. But this movie takes place in England where guns are banned. Uh oh. That’s a problem. Your best defense against zombies in Great Britain is running shoes. Because in 28 Days Later, the zombies can run very, very fast.


21021-zombieland-zombieland-poster-art3)   Zombieland – Got a craving for Twinkies? We do, and if you watch this movie, you will too. A rag-tag group bands together to battle the zombie forces destroying the Earth. The movie ends with a zombie swarm quickly taking over an abandoned amusement park. And who could forget the cameo from a Saturday Night Live alumnus that is truly hilarious and tragic?


POSTER-DAWN-OF-THE-DEAD2)   Dawn of the Dead (original) – A great Romero zombie flick from 1978. Zombies take over a mall in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. There are biker battles and blood and plenty of biting. It was even the inspiration for the 2012 Asheville Zombiewalk. If you haven’t seen this movie, you’re missing out.


Night_of_the_Living_Dead_affiche1)   Night of the Living Dead (original) – This 1968 movie by director George Romero is the original, the best, the quintessential, the ultimate, the classic by which all other zombie movies are judged. It started the craze of flesh eating zombies from beyond the grave, taking movies about the living dead to new levels of terror.

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Hug A Monster Day 2014 – Sure to Be a Scream!

HAM Day promo 2013Calling all ogres and vixens. Grab your horrific toys and get your cameras ready! Stuff Monsters Like wants you to send them your best photos for Hug A Monster Day.

Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day takes place on July 27 every year. It is the only holiday that reminds all of humanity to embrace the monsters in their lives – whatever they may be. Take your favorite monster (toy) with you to work, school, or play. Show it off. Amaze your friends. Baffle your boss. Frighten your psychiatrist. Hugging your favorite mutant may be the best feeling you have all day.

Stuff Monsters Like wants you to send them a photo of you hugging your monster! Big monsters, small monsters, some eating your head – send them all! However you decide to take the photo, the rules are simple: Send your Hug A Monster Day photos to SML by August 1st. Email them to or post them to the SML Facebook page. SML will pick their favorite photo and feature it on the site. Winners will even get a small, but noteworthy, prize in the mail.

So grab your camera, throw an arm over your favorite monster, and get those photos!

Because monsters are people too.

Hug A Monster Day is sponsored every year by Stuff Monsters, the blog that reminds everyone that it’s okay to be afraid, as long as you are laughing. Click here to read more about Hug A Monster Day, its rich and storied history, and this year’s photo contest.

Franklin and Frankenstein, July 27, 1782

Franklin and Frankenstein, July 27, 1782

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Zombie 101: A Guide to Fitting into a Zombie Hoard by Looking Undead

Can’t wait to see you October 12 in downtown Asheville! Wear your zombie best, or worst. Here are some quick tips to instantly transform you from the regular living to the zombified dead.

11First, decide which type of zombie you will be: a fast-running smart zombie, or a slow-moving, low-IQ zombie. Remember both types of zombies crave human flesh. That part is constant.

Moan through your mouth. Channel memories of your last bad head cold and imagine feeling that way for all eternity. That’s the look and emotion we’re going for.

Drool. It’s messy and disgusting. These are both good.

Scream for brains. Brains are wonderfully delicious, and they’re worth going after like a tween who’s just spotted Justin Bieber.

Limp. Drag a leg behind you.

Wear torn or dirty clothing. Zombies do not care for fashion. Some zombies have just clawed their way out of the grave.

Keep your arms outstretched before you and parallel to the ground. It’s a zombie’s version of walking like an Egyptian. Plus, rigor mortis makes it hard to bend at the elbow.

Droop your jaw. Muscle tension slackens when you’re dead, and really, what’s the point of keeping your mouth closed when you’re drooling and screaming for brains, anyway?

Show off those fetid wounds with pride!

Things zombies (usually) do not do

  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Take photos
  • Make jokes and smile
  • Make small talk
  • Listen to Mp3 players

Infractions of this list will be handled by our army of cannibal zombies. Beware.

Although I’m sure they may be willing to overlook it, just this once.

Photo taken at ZaPow, 2012.

Photo taken at ZaPow, 2012.