Asheville Zombiewalk

Thank You for Your Concern

1918515_104861619524527_4806840_nOh, so you think we should’ve closed down roads and had a “real” parade?

Cool. We are happy to accept a donation of $5,000 or more to cover the costs of street closures, barricades, parade permits, increased insurance, increased marketing and promotions, medical standbys, police protection, and other fees. Thanks so much for your interest in making this happen. With your donation, we will honor you during our next walk with naming rights to the event:

[Your Name Here] Presents the Asheville Zombiewalk!

Upon the receipt of your $5,000+ donation, we will make sure to put your ideas at work for next year’s event.

Thanks for helping us keep Asheville the Cesspool of Sin.


**As a free community event committed to remaining free, the Asheville Zombiewalk is only able to work within the means of our very limited budget. With increased funds, we would be excited to organize a larger event next year. If you are, indeed, interested in becoming a top-level sponsor, contact us at