Asheville Zombiewalk

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Asheville Zombiewalk 2016: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve heard your call, Asheville. And we’re giving you what you want: an actual Zombie WALK! Help us spread the zombie infection during the 11th annual Asheville Zombiewalk in downtown Asheville.

Here are all the details we’ve released about this year’s event, all conveniently stored in one easy-to-bookmark link:

AZW_Teaser 2016Event Details

Asheville, prepare to become lunch. Zombies are on the move again!

Put on your most gruesome makeup and your walking shoes! Zombies will not only be gathering, but will be walking through downtown Asheville. We welcome everyone to shamble safely with us along the streets.

WHEN: Sunday, October 9 at 5:30pm

WHERE: Gather in Aston Park, at the corner of Hilliard and S French Broad Avenues.

*PARKING*: Aston Park does not have sufficient parking for this event. Plan to park elsewhere and walk to the park.

From there, zombies will be safely guided 10–12 blocks down sidewalks, obeying all traffic directions, to an end point downtown. Zombies are then free to disperse and infect all of downtown with their undead spirit. Also, don’t miss the official afterparty, described below.

Asheville Zombiewalk Disclaimer

Please read the following. All Asheville Zombiewalk 2016 participants are assumed to have read and agreed to this and its consequences:

By attending the 2016 Asheville Zombiewalk, I understand that my personal items are my responsibility, and the Asheville Zombiewalk is in no way responsible for lost, missing, stolen, or damaged items.

I also understand this is a public event. I, my family, or my friends may be photographed by anyone, including but not limited to zombie walk participants, press and media, passersby, photographers, or members of the Asheville Zombiewalk. My image may be used for future promotions of the Asheville Zombiewalk.

The Asheville Zombiewalk 2016 is allowed to gather under the constitutional right to peaceful assembly. This is not a permitted event. All city and county laws and regulations must be obeyed. Any criminal activity may result in my arrest. Participating in the Asheville Zombiewalk does not make me immune to laws and their consequences.

I assume all the foregoing risks, accept personal responsibility for any damages I incur including injury, permanent disability, or death. I agree to hold the Zombiewalk not responsible for all claims, costs, expenses, and liabilities, including attorney fees for injury to person or property arising in connection with my participation in the walk.

Use Your Braaaaaains and Be Safe

We have a favor to ask of you, Asheville: Let’s have a peaceful, safe event.

The Asheville Zombiewalk has always been an apolitical event for zombies of all ages, and this year’s walk is no different. Given recent events in our city and around the state, we’re asking this year’s participants and spectators to show Asheville and the world that we’re here for good ol’ fashioned undead fun—nothing more sinister than that.

We’re rotting flesh. We’re not deplorable people.

The Asheville Zombiewalk requests all participants to please be safe, use common sense, and avoid illegal activities during the walk. It’s fun, it’s a spectacle, but the law still applies to our “walkers”. (See disclaimer below.)

Don’t Miss the Afterparty!

Are you looking for a family friendly alternative for after the Zombiewalk that does not include a downtown bar? Head to the Byrish Haus & Pub (formerly Patton Public House), 1341 Patton Avenue, from 7:00–11:00pm. They will have food, live Halloween music, fun games, and more on their large, fenced back patio. Bring towels for picnic-type event seating and come in costume for a chance to win valuable prizes!

Volunteer with Us, Please

Q: Why did the zombie cross the street?

A: Because it was participating in the 11th annual Asheville Zombiewalk along the streets of downtown Asheville!

But we need your help to get the zombies safely from one side of downtown to the other. We’re looking for a few volunteers to act as zombie crossing guards during the event. You will have a crossing sign and a whistle, and be responsible for helping your zombie hoard cross safely at traffic lights along the route.

This is an important job—you’ll not only be guiding the zombies through the route, but keeping participants from wandering into traffic and getting hurt.

Join the Asheville Zombiewalk Shuffle Patrol today! Contact us at There will be a crew after-party for all volunteers!

About the Asheville Zombiewalk

The Asheville Zombiewalk is committed to remaining fun for the whole family. And it’s always free. We look forward to seeing a great group of zombies of all ages. Everyone is invited to make yourself look rotten and bring your fellow horde.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about the structure of this year’s event, please see our personalized response to you.

More Information

Follow us on Facebook at and RSVP for the event:

For questions or interviews, contact


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Announcing the Details for the 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk!

The 2014 Asheville Zombiewalk is almost upon us! We will be back downtown this year, and can’t wait to see you on October 12th.

AZW_Teaser 20142014 Asheville Zombiewalk Picnic

Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time: 5:00-7:00 PM

Location: Aston Park in Downtown Asheville

336 Hilliard Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

Cost: FREE!


What to Do:

Dress Up!

We want to see you in all your zombie glory! We will have several makeup artists on hand to help you put your face on, but we encourage you to come in a costume that showcases your creativity. Zombie bride and groom, zombie Justin Bieber, zombie park ranger – bring it on!

Bring the Zombie Family!

The Asheville Zombiewalk has always been and is committed to remaining a family-friendly event. There is a playground area, sandbox, and plenty of grass at this year’s site. Bring out the zombie kids!

Bring on the Fun!

Aston Park is a great area to bring a blanket and feast on your favorite limbs with friends and family. Or you could bring Frisbees, checkers, or just enjoy the late afternoon sun on your fetid flesh. Whatever you bring with you – make sure you are able to clean up after yourself before you leave!

Scavenge like a Zombie!

We’re kicking off a scavenger hunt at 6:00 PM! Roam around town looking for the items on the scavenger list, and send us photos of each item you check off the list. There will be a kid-friendly list and an adult-friendly list, and winners of each category will receive prizes.

Shamble on!

The Zombiewalk picnic only lasts from 5:00-7:00 PM, but it is conveniently located in downtown Asheville. We encourage you to shamble on (safely and responsibly) from the picnic to your favorite bars. Please patronize our sponsoring locations, but feel free to shuffle about at your own discretion. Valid ID required for admission into all participating locations serving alcohol!

Click here for a list of “zombie friendly” locations.