Asheville Zombiewalk


1918515_104861322857890_6751081_nCan you shamble and groan with the best of them? Do you enjoy walking around dripping with fake blood? Do you have a love for horror make-up? Or how about just wield a mean staple gun?

We are always looking for willing volunteers to “zombie up” for promotions and off-season events, help with makeup, and put up fliers.

See the descriptions below for this year’s needs. Then click here or contact us at about participating in this year’s event.


Become a Member of the Zombie Hoard:

Zombie Film Crew

Time Frame: 2-3 months before the event (ASAP!!)

Tasks: Help us put together 30-second video teasers to help promote the AZW online. We are looking for videographer/editor (or full crew, depending on how fancy you can get) and a couple volunteers to act as zombies and pedestrians.


Zombie Street Team

Time Frame: 3-6 weeks before the event

Tasks: Put up posters and fliers around town. We’ll meet you at a central location to give you the posters, and then you’ll be able to put them up at your own discretion within the week.


Zombie Models

Time Frame: Week of the event, or as needed

Tasks: Dress up in full zombie makeup for promotional appearances and activities. For instance, we have had groups appear on WLOS for the morning news.


Makeup Artists

Time Frame: AT THE EVENT

Tasks: We enjoy having a few great local makeup artists who can help the freshly bitten assume zombie form. If you’re interesting in donating your time (and can provide all your own supplies), we’d love to have you.



Time Frame: AT THE EVENT

Tasks: Take as many photos as your camera can hold! The AZW would love to have an official photographer or two to take photos of the crowd shambling about during the event. Contact us about cross promotion in exchange for your services.


Other Ideas

Do you have another idea of how you’d like to participate in this year’s Zombiewalk? Email us at to present your idea.


Photo taken at ZaPow, 2012.